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Whenever two or more yachts are close together and going in the same direction there seems to be a compulsion on the part of the respective skippers to try to outdistance the other boats.

All yachting is a particular form of relaxation. Being on the water and generally out of touch with land based problems relieves the stress of everyday life. Although an adrenalin rush can take place when racing it certainly keeps one's mind away from other matters..

The speed of sailing yachts is generally related to the waterline length of the boat. The most satisfaction in racing is achieved by racing against the same class of yachts as one- class yachts are expected to be equal in all respects.. The results of such races therefore depends on the skill of the skipper and crew.

Yachts of different sizes and classes often race together but each yacht is given a handicap to try to equalise differences.

Racing is available in most yacht clubs and there are many class associations Yacht racing is available for small dinghys up to superyachts .

Besides many other advantages, yachting racing improves one's skills in all aspects of yachting.

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