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Moorings are buoys attached to heavy weights on the sea bottom with chain or rope or a combination of both.
The sizes and weights of the mooring apparatus are directly related to the size and weight of the vessels to which they will be attached.
It is therefore important before picking up any vacant moorings that one is aware of the quality and size of the mooring.

Moorings are usually located in harbours and are owned privately for hire from businesses or marinas, or owned by yacht clubs for the benefit of their members.

A mooring is usually approached up wind and the floating buoy picked up by boat hook. The buoy line is hauled until a rope or chain loop is raised and this is secured to the bow of the yacht, often over the bow roller to a cleat.

Under very windy conditions the bow of the yacht is blown off the buoy and pickup is difficult. In these circumstances a controlled approach down wind under motor can give better results.

Should two or more yachts be rafted up to the one mooring, it is advisable for at least every second yacht to lay an anchor as moorings are designed for only one vessel.
Some yachts have fore and aft moorings in restricted areas and care must be taken moving between buoys as the two buoys are connected to each by rope.

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