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Cruising is the art of not racing.

Cruising may be singlehanded or with crew or friends. it involves leaving one's home port and sailing to another port. It can be only for a short distance or as far as around the world.

The pleasure of preparing a boat for voyage is only exceeded by the pleasure of arriving at a new destination.

Cruising yachts are fitted out differently from racing yachts - usually with more home comforts.

Cruising persons are different from racing persons, although many racing people finish up cruising.

Cruising in company of other yachts is often available through yacht clubs or charter companies. This is a good way to gain confidence and the feeling of security as others are nearby should problems arise.

The most famous of cruises in company is the ARC Atlantic Rally for Cruisers between Europe and the Caribbean in which dozens of yachts take part.

A number of yacht clubs have cruising divisions for non racers.

There are many books written by people who have enjoyed cruising in yachts. The Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia II by Linda & Steve Dashew is an excellent guide to almost everything one needs to know about cruising.
Another source of information is the magazine Cruising World.

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